Breachpen is a highly effective tool that offers many uses, however technique to using it is critical, depending on the situation. 

Igniting Breachpen is no different and requires technique. These techniques are covered in our certification course, which we strongly encourage 

The match: The match used to ignite Breachpen isn't the same type of match used to light your birthday candles. I mean- you could, but we wouldn't suggest it. Grip the match like you mean it, not like a strike on box match. Pinch it, get a firm grasp on it. 

Strike the match with authority but you will notice that the match will not ignite instantly. It takes a few seconds for the match to come alive. Again, this isn't the same type of match used to light a birthday candle. 

Touch the tip of the lit match to the end of the rod. 

Stand-by. Breachpen is going to come alive! 

Pro tips: Don't be afraid to do some dry runs of striking the match. If making multiple cuts, use the slag from the first cut to light the next pen.



*updated 1/10/2021

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