What is Breachpen?

Carried by Militaries, Special Forces, First Responders, and Search and Rescue all over the world, Breachpen is a proven tool to gain entry through barriers. 

The LTE is a light weight, easy to carry, match-lit cutting tool for cutting various metals. Breaching locks, rebar, steel, chain, and pipe are just the beginning of where the LTE has been proven.

Specs of the LTE Breachpen

  • 23-25 second burn time
  • 2800deg C combustion temp
  • 1440deg C ignition temp
  • 445mm in length
  • 18mm in diameter
  • 210 grams
  • 1 match included

Utilizing Breachpen at maximum potential requires a learned skill set. While easy to learn, we recommend purchasing the Breachpen Certification Kit for first time users. 

The First Responders Breaching Kit is designed for First Responders, Military, Maritime, or readying your own kit. 

Single pens are also available for purchase at any time.      




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