F.R.B.K | First Responder's Breaching Kit

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The First Responder's Breaching Kit (F.R.B.K) is the all-in-one kit for thermal breaching. This is our most popular kit for law enforcement, military, and those who desire to carry a kit for a thermal breaching solution in crisis.

The F.R.B.K. contains:

  • 2 x Breachpens (***Black in color***)
  • 1 x BROCO Jimmy Pry Bar
  • 1x BDS40 MK5 Fire Suppression device
  • 1 x Extra match
  • 1 x Complete carrying case with sling

Shelf life of Breachpen is 2 years. We strongly encourage continual training with Breachpen and suggest training with it at least once a year.  

***Also included is the all new Breachpen Patch***




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