The First Responder's Breaching Kit | F.R.B.K

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One-man Breaching is a life saving capability. The FR Breaching kit provides baseline thermal cutting, manual breaching, and fire suppression that could make the difference in making access to the problem on the other side of an unexpected breach. 

NOTE: It is highly advised to go through the Breachpen certification program prior to purchasing this kit

2 x Breachpens 

1 x Breachpen Pouch

1 x BDS40 MK4

1 x Jimmy

1 x extra match

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This tool weighs 1/3lbs, burns over 5000F, is autonomous of a fuel source, and can plunge cut through 1” of steel in 23-25 seconds. We respect your interest in adding this tool to your emergency capabilities and take your interest seriously because we know it could mean a life saved. We reserve the right to reject any applicant for verification for any reason.

All BREACHPEN users must be at least 21 years old.

Acceptable forms of proof include business certificates, issued IDs, among other forms of employment/ownership proof specific to each industry.

Please (download the BREACHPEN waiver), complete legibly and upload here.